5 Best Backpackers' Destinations

Travel writers classify backpacking in the genre of "adventure travel," and for good reason. Backpackers enjoy the sights up close, and can interact closely with local folks, experiencing cuisine and customs that other travelers may not be party to.

With this said, what are key considerations for a great backpacking destination?
  • The natural beauty of the area.
  • The cultural highlights of the country.
  • Your personal safety.
  • The framework of any time and money constraints.
Here are the top 5 places that meet above criteria:

1. Bolivia

This South American country offers very high bang for your buck: the landscapes are stellar--some of the best in the world--and the cost of living is truly inexpensive. Hike one of the many Incan trails, or check out La Paz or Sucre. Bolivia boasts its Altiplano, and the largest salt flat in the world, the Salar de Uyuni.

2. Turkey

If you're looking for a unique blend of East meets West, look no further than the cultural melting pot of Turkey. With its juxtaposition between the two world views, Turkey delivers a cultural richness that will intrigue you. This country also happens to proffer some incredible scenery of its own. Whether your bent is natural beauty, such as that of Nemrut Dagi Milli National Park, or you prefer delving into ancient history with towns such as Ephesus, Ani, or historical ruins, you'll find that Turkey fits the bill. Energetic Istanbul grooves to a vibe of its own.

3. Ireland

Hoping to visit Europe, but not heading as far east as Turkey? Ireland is a fabulous place for a backpacking trek because of that jaw-dropping scenery. The Irish are a hospitable people, too, and are proud of their rich culture and deep historical roots. Drop into Dublin for some fun, but be sure to visit the coastal beauty of Connemara and the charming Aran Islands. Killarney National Park offers some beautiful mountain treks.

4. Morocco

Got the itch for somewhere really exotic? Try the desert terrain of Morocco, which offers not only some great mountain landscapes and a wonderful coastline, but some mighty tasty food, too. Morocco is where Africa, the Middle East and Europe meet up and shake hands, and so this historical fusion of cultures can be seen in a variety of ways.

5. Australia

Solid travel infrastructure? Check. Exciting cities like Melbourne and Sydney? Check. A wide variety in natural attractions? Check. Australia may be more expensive than some other backpacking destinations, but offers such highlights as Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Ocean Road, and its outback.

Let your wanderlust propel you into making some memories for a lifetime, and get into some adventure travel of your own.


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