Tips For Enjoying a Long Flight

Nothing is worse than boarding a plane for a long flight and dreading it. The dread you feel helps to make the hours longer and the flight miserable. However, by taking time to prepare for a long plane ride, the time goes faster and you feel better when you get off the plane. Follow these tips for enjoying your next plane trip. Many people look forward to sleeping throughout their entire flight. However, this may not be possible for everyone. By taking the items necessary for passing the time, dozing off is easier. Take along a pillow and always make sure you take a thick sweater in case the air conditioning is too cold for you. Resting on a plane is better when you are comfortable.

Your waking hours during along flight can be gruesome when all you have to do is stare out the window. Take an Mp3 player for listening to your favorite music and throw in a hand held video game for even more entertainment. You might be surprised at how fast time flies when you are into a game and listening to music. Reading can help to pass time as well. Consider the titles you have been waiting to read and have not yet found the opportunity to do so. The perfect time for reading is while flying long distance. Gather the books you would like to read and take them on the plane with you. This is also a great time to complete any written work you may have if you are in school or your job requires it.

Hunger certainly becomes a big issue during long distance trips. While you may be prepared to eat the food offered on the plane, you might also consider taking a few additional snacks as well. In this way, you can munch without waiting for a stewardess to help you. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing on a long flight. Wearing loose fitting, cotton fabrics is best to ensure you are comfortable throughout the trip. You might also consider boosting your immune system before your trip to avoid catching the colds lurking in stuffy plane air. Take plenty of Vitamin C and drink plenty of water before your trip.

Making the best of a long flight is the greatest way to feel good when you get off the plane. Start packing for your next trip early so you can have the time to remember all the items you need for passing the time.


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