Caribbean Cruises - Find a Little Gem in the Caribbean

Cruises have always been the trendy way of travelling, millions of families pay for the hassle-free travelling option every year. All of your worries are taken from you as soon as you immerse yourself in the activities, hospitality and the entertainment onboard the luxury ship. If this wasn't enough, you get to travel to some of the most fascinating places the world offers. One family cruise location gathering speed is Jamaica, but why is it such a well kept secret?

The Caribbean island is a spot you certainly don't want to miss out on. The crystal clear waters, sublime sandy beaches combined with its rich culture and history makes it a popular favourite with tourists. Your cruise would undoubtedly moor up and Ocho Rios; considered the cruise capital of the island. The sweeping bay is protected by natural reefs, naturally making it some what of a Mecca for diving enthusiasts. If your not one for lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine, must see spot in the bay is Dunns River Falls. The waterfall, cascading a staggering 600 feet down to the beach remains one of the most photographed and visited attractions on the island.

With its extensive array of shopping centres and restaurants, Montego Bay has always been a favourite with tourists. The city gives an incredible insight into the island's history. Greenwood Great house in particular is a beautifully restored plantation home of Barrett family; containing antiques, paintings and furniture dating back to the 1800s. The capital of the Island, Kingston, is largely overlooked by tourists because of the age old notion of violence and crime. People who come to actually come to visit realise the complete opposite. Come and visit the museum of probably islands most famous resident, Mr Bob Marley. The infamous reggae artist was born in the capital and his museum is the original family home, converted after the singer's death in 1981. The city of Mandeville was originally built by the English, in attempted getaway from the hot tropics of the island coastline. At 2000 feet in elevation, the city sports one of the best climates Jamaica offers, making a great area to witness the islands wildlife. 

Here are just few reasons why you should visit, but this guide hardly scratches the surface. Why not book yourself a family cruise and explore the country yourself. The only problem you will find, deciding what to do first.
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